Enjoy Your Live Now.

Don’t chase your own tail in circle

We think that we can get something better than this. This is a story of how you find nothing. When you cannot sleep at night because you know that tomorrow will be a good day only to realize that when you wake up things don’t go the way you think it does. You feel so disappointed by your expectations. In real life you don’t get anything you want and that’s why people always end up being sad when their expectations don’t meet reality. You know deep down in your hearts that there is something that is missing but you don’t know what it is. You are constantly in the state of waiting. You are waiting for today to pass and you wait tomorrow to pass. There is something that you don’t do even if you think you should. It’s called living in the moment. Why is that? Why should I? The wise once said “we are busy makes living that we forget to live and then when you are about to die then you’ll say that you should have enjoyed your life”. We often don’t realize that our time is limited in this world yet we are busy making others happy without thinking about ourselves. We keep maintaining our images because of other people. We buy something we don’t need just to impress people who don’t care about us. 

We keep chasing the futures and forget about this moment. Time is running and it will be and you will get here eventually. Past is behind us and they just memories in our heads. Present is with us now but we take him for granted. There is reason why it’s called present. Present means a gift. As long as we live we always get a gift but it’s not something you can touch physically. It’s called the moment. Live in the moment and Live your life to the fullest. When life gives you lemon tell me and we will make lemonade juice in life’s house because life always have many lemons for us.
The moral value is: life in the moment


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