Google tracker is everywhere.


If you ask most people what Google’s business is they will say “search,” but Google actually makes a lot of its money from serving ads on other sites.

Put simply, Google isn’t a search company, they’re an advertising company.

Google sells ads not only on their search engine, but also on over 2.2 million other websites and over 1 million apps. Every time you visit one of these sites or apps, Google is storing that information and using it to target ads at you.

That’s why you may have seen ads tracking you across the net!

If you want to stop websites from ‘re-marketing’ to you, you’ll need to install a free tool like Adblock with “Tracking protection” filters which blocks trackers.

If you use Google Chrome for browsing than Google will likely to track everything you browse on the internet even if you are using private mode because after all Google chrome is made by Google so Google can do anything to their products including tracking software.

Stop ad stalking today!


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