Why I like firefox


Hello guys so today I am back again ^_^ I would like to tell you about my favorite browser. Well we use internet browser for everyday live like surfing, watching YouTube, blogging, etc. For Smartphone users we have apps to do that so we don’t rely much on browser. So yeah there are many internet browsers on the market such as Firefox, safari, chrome, opera, and also many newcomers such as UC Browser but among all of them my favorite one is Firefox. This browser is simple and lightweight and it has many more features no other browsers have. Oki here is the list that makes Firefox the best browser:

  1. Firefox is highly customizable with plug-ins

One thing I like about plugins is that they give your browser extended ability for your browsing experiences such as blocking ads and pop ups and firefox has thousands of plugins on its website.

  1. Firefox doesn’t make your computer slow

I use firefox for almost 4 months now and it runs very good wihoit affecting my computer performance

  1. It supports modern features

Firefox can adapt to the latest web technology such as playing video without flash player and many cool features

  1. Many bug fixes

Well web is always changing and so does browsers. Firefox always give updates and bugfixes to prevent harmful malwares over the internet

  1. It warns you about harmful pages and downloads

This is quite useful for us

  1. It loads faster
  2. It has reader view feature

But Firefox also has something that is not quite good such as annoying flash player update but overall this browser is my number one favorite since it helps me to browse internet smoothly


whats your favorite browser? 🙂




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