teacher’s pet in English class :O

Today was a rainy day in my place I had to brought raincoat with me because I couldn’t come home if I didn’t bring it c: 

This afternoon I had lunch with Pecel Rice which was my favorite food and it tasted so yummy in a rainy day 🙂 oh today at school the teacher asked class to spoke English again and I got an “A” which was the higher score and my friends got B, C, and even D which was not good. My friends called me a teacher’s pet in English class but I didn’t mind because english is the only subject I love and i hate math xP . I could do better in speaking because I love speaking English and I considered that test as a practice tool 😉 . oh I’m in the mood to watch another movie after school but I’m still at school now because it’s lunchbreak. See ya 🙂


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