The dying computer and the past

Yesterday was a raging day for me because my computer died suddenly what I mean by died was the computer showed blue screen with a geeky text which I couldn’t understand and I felt like crying because I had projects, home works and presentation files inside it. You know that shocking + terrible feeling when that happened to you xD 

Fortunately I knew a geeky neighbour who could fix this problem so I went to ask him. 16 minutes and he reinstalled my computer yay! I felt relieved a little. I went to check it and my files are still there 😀 so the moral from this story is always check your computer health and always save the duplicate files somewhere safe like on the flash drive or Google drive 🙂

Today was raining all the time and I had to stayed home and I felt so bored and nothing much happened today so I think I have no story to tell ya but I feel thankful after all these things happened in my life. People come on go and people also change. My past is just a story and I have a lot stories that I forget most of them but we usually remember the most important events in our lifes and that’s enough to be written on my blog  ^.^v


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