the truth we don’t know about

Hi I am back again on my blog and I will post some interesting stuff about this world. I found these stuff from internet and they are so funny but they’re true. These facts about random things might blow your mind so enjoy😂

  1. You may have accidentally set a random, bizarre world record but didn’t realize it.
  2. There could be someone stopping time at any moment and we’d have no idea it happened.
  3. I wonder how awkward it is after a ghost kills someone in horror films and the victim turns into a ghost. 😐
  4. The internet uses many terms relating to water. I can surf the web, stream a video, or wait until my computer freezes.
  5. Whenever I type ‘etc…’ It usually means I’m completely out of examples.
  6. When I’m with people I want to be alone and when I’m alone I want to be with people.
  7. Falling asleep is the best example of “fake it till you make it”.
  8. Saying “what do you want” sounds rude while saying “what do you need” sounds fine, even though “need” is more of a demanding word.
  9. Staying up later at night is basically setting the next day to a higher difficulty.
  10. Smart kids with messy handwriting is essentially an anti-cheat device.
  11. Growing up, everyone tells you to chase your dreams. Once you become an adult everyone tells you to be realistic.
  12. If two people blink at exactly the same time without the other noticing, a staring contest could last forever.
  13. It’s amazing how much authority a parking cone has.
  14. Cartoons made me think dog catchers were super common, but now I’m pretty sure they don’t even exist.
  15. Becoming an adult is watching Home Alone and wondering how the parents afforded the house.
  16. When an app asks me to rate it whilst I’m using it – I always select “ask me later” over “never” because I don’t want the app to hate me.
  17. If the u in misusing is removed it goes missing.
  18. I wonder how many times I’ve seen the same strangers before and haven’t noticed?
  19. Ctrl+Alt+Del is telling your computer “I want to speak to a manager”
  20. Don’t you think it’s crazy how that little voice in your head can perfectly imitate the voices of your friends and family.
  21. Mr. Krabs daughter is pearl, so her mom would be “a mother of pearl ” aka clam. The krusty krab sign is a clam.
  22. Doors must seem like magic to pets, they’re solid walls until a human touches it.
  23. If one person says a word wrong, it’s a mispronunciation. If enough people do it, it’s an accent.
  24. “?!” makes a sound in my head, but I can’t describe what it is…
  25. The inventor of the calculator is one of the few people in life that actually made something that counts.

    Those list are very funny yet so true xD


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