The secret of anime hair color

Hi guys I just realized that anime a.k.a japanese cartoon has symbols on their hair colors especially female. I am not into anime but i like to watch few anime lol xD

Keep in mind that anime follows a complex visual language, where seemingly innocuous elements carry deeper meaning. And hair color is among the first and foremost, especially when dealing with female characters.

Meaning, in most cases, the color of an anime character’s hair does not reflect some natural hair color or a racial stereotype – instead, it is supposed to be a hint towards their personality and their role in the plot.

Yellow Hair

The most widespread meaning is simply “someone special”. this is also applied on cartoon i think 😀


Blue hair


typically signifies a quiet, soft-spoken, intellectual, sometimes even introverted character.

Red hair


…strongly suggests a tomboyish, inconsiderate, loud, often headstrong, “leader” archetype. This character will often charge ahead and/or speak her mind without holding back. In the extreme case, this behavior will go all the way to the point of acting rash or even stupid. Also tend to have voracious appetites.

(Bright) Green hair


this character is more feminine and less prone to blindly rushing ahead – and usually displays normal or above-average levels of intelligence.

Purple hair


Also near-extinct – at least when it comes to intense shades of purple. What is still somewhat common, however, is characters with lighter/paler shades of purple. These almost always come with long, flowing hair and typically signify some sort of detached, noble, cultured, dainty, often even mysterious, “fantasy princess” archetype.

Pink hair


Originally, this color was rare, and reserved for a select few childlike characters.

Brown hair


Brown stands for “warm + friendly normal” and is the most common “day-to-day-life side character” haircolor. Similar to black, the underlying message is not very strong – still, brown is most popular for longtime childhood friends, or all sorts of “safe/reliable” love-interests. Characters with this hair color tend to play some role in the plot, and be close friends of the leads, but they still represent normality and following social expectations… sometimes to the point of being boring.

Black hair


it can simply mean “the everybody”. However, in cases when the character has long, flowing black hair, it can be intended as a shorthand for “noble lady / Japanese princess / idol of the whole school” characters.

White Hair


Simply put, the brightness of a character’s hair communicates how down-to-earth and otherworldly a character is. The darker a color, the more that character lives in the here and now – and the brighter, the more esoteric, distant, magical and surreal he/she is…

With the extreme version of that trope, signifying “utter otherworldliness”, being plain white.


Now I will read one of my friends personality. she is Sky 😀 let’s read her personality lol. from her picture


  • Prestige and power are important to you.
  • You are independent, strong-willed and determined and like to be in control of yourself and situations.
  • you may be too serious for your own good – bring some colour into your life to lighten you up – life should be fun.
  • you may be looking for protection from any negativity that surrounds you.
  • You hold things inside and are not good at sharing yourself with others, possibly out of fear.
  • You are methodical in your work, making sure everything is completed as required, down to the last detail.
  • You may be suppressing your own desires and aspirations.
  • serious,
  • confident,
  • strong,
  • decisive,
  • emotionally contained,
  • introverted.

That’s all i know of sky based on her pic ^_^


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