Tangled movie and me :)

hello so I today was not a too bad day for me because I didn’t feel sad so everything was good. the internet is still not working so I still had to use data. I decided to watch tom and jerry cartoons on TV. I had movies and cartoon collection on computer so I watched them. oh and I watched Tangled before ever after movie and it was sooooo good 😀 I liked that movie and also the song. so Rapunzel was my crush xD and I was happy to see her again yay \^_^/   oh and I also feel a lot better now after I watched the movie. 


I need to rant about my family and sorry if I make this post a little long or whatever. This post might contain some bad and graphic text and I’m sorry if this post might hurt you. This is Asian parents problems.

So yesterday my parents got fight it all started because of INTERNET. yeah because of internet my mom and dad got into a fight but luckily this was had nothing to do with me. Here was the complete story.

My family had WiFi since like 482 days ago and yeah I had been counted it. I was the one who asked my dad to subscribe WiFi so my dad agreed to me and short story we had WiFi in our house. My parents were not too familiar about technology so I told them about social medias and other things we could do on the internet. It all went good but a new problem emerged. My mom was like became so addicted to the internet because she had old friends on her social media and she began to talk to them day and night and she always be with her phone all the time. It made me worried because well internet was so addicting and I knew it and my mom got addicted to it which was a bad thing.

Short story my dad knew that my mom was on the phone all the time and he thought that my mom had an affair with someone and i didn’t know if it was true or not and my dad became so angry but he never told anyone about it. He bottled it up until that day came.

Well this was the worst part. Yesterday when I was in my room and using computer to browse the internet suddenly the internet stop working. I got notification from my computer that said “network cable is unplugged”. “What happen?” I told myself and I walked into the place where WiFi modem was placed and I saw my dad standing near WiFi. His hands started to unplug all the cables connected to WiFi router and I said to myself, “oops I think this thing is getting serious now”. My dad furiously yelled at me but in our native language (not English) and this was the translation. “I AM SO TIRED ABOUT THIS! NO MORE WI-FI IN THIS HOUSE! WE ARE POOR FAMILY AND DON’T ACT LIKE WE WERE RICH. I DIDN’T AGREE WITH THE IDEA OF HAVING WI-FI IN THIS HOUSE AT THE FIRST PLACE!” . his words hurt me so much and he blamed me at that time because he should had blamed mom but my mom wasn’t there so I was the target. As he said that thing he smashed that WiFi router on the ground like it was nothing. It broke into pieces. My body started to shiver to see how violent my dad can be when he was angry and I was feeling lost for a moment because I couldn’t access internet for a while and short story that was the end of my internet life at home. 

I walked back into my room and I turned off my computer and I laid down on bed thinking about what had happened. At the moment I thought that it was my fault but then I realized that it was my mom’s fault. My dad didn’t want our family ruined because of WiFi.

But for me I think this was a very wrong approach because he took violence as the way to solve problem which was bad. Because of that all the family members couldn’t access internet. My dad cut out the internet for good and that broke my heart 😦 but the good news was I have prepared for this kind of stuff. I knew somehow that this thing would happen so I prepared data plan on my phone. From now on I can still be online but not in a long time because I am using data plan with limit. 

Short story my dad and mom got along but they still didn’t talk to much to each other. I couldn’t using internet on computer, just on phone. 😥

So that was the story of how I lost internet access in our house… I still feel bad about this… That WiFi was broken and the cable TV was not working anymore and  I couldn’t watch TV which was like the end for me 😦

Bahasa Indonesia

do you know that I actually rarely speak English :p he he you know English is not my first language and when I try to speak nothing really comes out of my mouth but I can write and read English well. sooo I think I want to write in my native language and also in English here 😀 . well I speak Bahasa Indonesia. bahasa means language and I can speak it since I was 2 years old Lol xD 

aku berbicara bahasa indonesia tetapi aku lebih suka berbicara dengan bahasa inggris karena 

aku ingin pergi ke Amerika dan menjelajahi seluruh negara bagian di amerika. aku ingin pergi ke Disneyland dan aku ingin melihat patung liberti 😀 aku pikir hal itu pasti sangat menarik .

Facebook sucks out the joy out of you.

hello guys :0 so today I feel so bad because of Facebook because Facebook made me very jealous and felt bad about myself. I think all people were fake and they only wanted to get many likes for whatever they posted. social network is a place to post about fake lifes. eww that’s why I decided to delete my fb for now. I can’t handle it anymore and Mark zuckerberk the Facebook founder only wants your money and he has all of your Facebook data so now it’s time for me to delete my fb and start a new life. if you have Facebook please for your future sake, delete them. it’s not totally worth it at all.

Princess marriage ^///^

I love characters from cartoons especially princesses. I just love them because they are so pretty and when i was a kid I wish I could  marry one of them. Well I remember my first cartoon crush when I was like 8 years old and she was Ariel from the little mermaid  ^\\\^ I loved her gown and she was beautiful ❤

I still have a crush on cartoon characters now and I wish they were real lol. Can I ask you a favor? I will make a voting of who I should marry if the cartoon characters are real. here all of my cartoon crushes 😀

  1.  Ariel from the little mermaid
  2. Princess Aurora 
  3. Princess Amber
  4. Rapunzel
  5. Strawberry shortcake

Which one should I date? >///< ^_^

The dying computer and the past

Yesterday was a raging day for me because my computer died suddenly what I mean by died was the computer showed blue screen with a geeky text which I couldn’t understand and I felt like crying because I had projects, home works and presentation files inside it. You know that shocking + terrible feeling when that happened to you xD 

Fortunately I knew a geeky neighbour who could fix this problem so I went to ask him. 16 minutes and he reinstalled my computer yay! I felt relieved a little. I went to check it and my files are still there 😀 so the moral from this story is always check your computer health and always save the duplicate files somewhere safe like on the flash drive or Google drive 🙂

Today was raining all the time and I had to stayed home and I felt so bored and nothing much happened today so I think I have no story to tell ya but I feel thankful after all these things happened in my life. People come on go and people also change. My past is just a story and I have a lot stories that I forget most of them but we usually remember the most important events in our lifes and that’s enough to be written on my blog  ^.^v